Dataplicity Agent 0.4.0

We've released a new Dataplicity Agent!

This is a major refresh with the following changes:

  1. Installer is switched from Shell to Python, resulting in a more robust installation process.
  2. Logging is vastly improved. Log files in /var/log/dpinstall.log and /var/log/dataplicity.log are now much more easily interpreted.
  3. Installation time with the previous agent could be very long due to the time taken to run apt-get update/upgrade on Raspberry Pi, particularly for very out of date devices. We've cut down on dependencies, and removed the need for the apt-get steps at the beginning of the install. Installation is now much faster.
  4. Data consumption is vastly reduced. We've been studying the data traffic generated by the older version of the agent, increasing our reliance on websockets vs polling traffic, and made improvements which yield a substantial reduction in data traffic. If you are on a data connection with a very limited data plan, this update is for you.

As always - source code is available here:


  • Dataplicity Team