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REST API updates

Posted by Radoslaw Kieltyka 3 months ago

We've recently reviewed and restructured the documentation for Dataplicity REST API. We're hoping that by doing this as well as adding plenty of new examples it will be easier to test and understand o...

Reduced latency in APAC

Posted by Elliot Mackenzie 6 months ago

Today we've deployed the IoT router to Sydney! Previously users in Asia Pacific were routed through the USA. With the addition of our new datacenter in Sydney, users in the Asia Pacific region shoul...

Porthole available on all plans

Posted by Elliot Mackenzie about a year ago

Starting today, Porthole allows you to connect to your devices using using SSH and VNC and to transfer files via SCP on all plans. The Standard plan gets a further lift, adding a further set of comm...

Porthole for Mac

Posted by Elliot Mackenzie about a year ago

Porthole is now available for MacOS! Get started with Porthole for Mac. Enjoy! -- Dataplicity team

Custom wormhole URL prefix

Posted by Elliot Mackenzie about a year ago

Now available for our Professional plan users, you can now specify a custom prefix for your wormhole URLs!

Add, rename and delete devices from mobile

Posted by Elliot Mackenzie about a year ago

You can now add new, rename existing and clean up old devices using the Dataplicity native apps for Android, iOS, OSX and Windows 10!

Plug your Linux Raspberry Pi into Windows PowerShell

Posted by Elliot Mackenzie about a year ago

Dataplicity Porthole now supports PowerShell! Automate tasks, manage TCP forwarding and remotely control Raspberry Pi devices from PowerShell on your Windows PC or Windows Server.

Forwarding TCP with Porthole

Posted by Elliot Mackenzie 2 years ago

Now available on our Professional plan, Dataplicity Porthole allows you to forward arbitrary TCP ports from your remote Linux devices to your local Windows PC or Windows Server.

Build a DIY Dropbox

Posted by Radoslaw Kieltyka 2 years ago

Instructables user FlyingHazard has posted a tutorial how to build an OwnCloud 9 on Raspberry Pi - DIY Dropbox on! FlyingHazard writes: "Everyone has data, and whether you store it...

Easy graphical file management through wormhole

Posted by Radoslaw Kieltyka 2 years ago

Cloud Commander provides an elegant drag and drop web-based file manager for Linux devices. It's quick to setup, easy to use, and it works via Dataplicity Wormhole :)