Build a remote file uploader

Instructables user Richard Stanley (audstanley) has posted a tutorial to build a remote file uploader on!

Richard Stanley writes:
"This is a simple way to upload files onto your raspberry pi through a browser. "


Read the instructable here:


Reposted on LifeHacker India!

This project has been reposted on Lifehacker India!

Thorin Klosowski writes:
"For most modern computers, you can add a file from anywhere using a service like Dropbox or Google Drive. That doesn't quite exist on a Raspberry Pi, but Instructables user audstanley put together a guide to make your own web uploader.

The crux of this system is Dataplicity, a tool that allows you to easily remotely manage a Raspberry Pi without going through the steps of making your own server."

Read all about it here:

-- Dataplicity team