Build a DIY Dropbox

Instructables user FlyingHazard has posted a tutorial how to build an OwnCloud 9 on Raspberry Pi - DIY Dropbox on!

Easy graphical file management through wormhole

Cloud Commander provides an elegant drag and drop web-based file manager for Linux devices. It's quick to setup, easy to use, and it works via Dataplicity Wormhole :)

Dataplicity on non-Debian OS

The Dataplicity installer was designed to run out of the box on Debian-based distributions, including Raspbian and Ubuntu. If, however, you want to run Dataplicity on a different OS, we've provided some instructions to help you along the way.

Dataplicity Lomond

Dataplicity leverages many supporting technologies in the provision of our remote device management service (, but few of which are more critical in the provision of the service than Websockets.

Support for teams!

By popular request, Dataplicity now supports teams!

Wormhole support for iframes

Until now, wormhole responses were served with X-Frame-Options set to DENY. By popular request, this header has been removed so you can now embed wormhole pages directly into your own apps.

AllAboutCircuits: Home Automation

Johnathan Powell writes:

Tabs for Android!

We've been hard at work and today we're announcing an update to Dataplicity for Android!

Dataplicity for Windows 8/10

With our new Windows PC app you can:

Build Alexa controlled smart lights

Instructables user going by the nickname coolbotic has posted a tutorial how to build an Alexa controlled smart lights on!