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Build Alexa controlled smart lights

Radoslaw Kieltyka · 19 days ago

Instructables user going by the nickname coolbotic has posted a tutorial how to build an Alexa controlled smart lights on!

Coolbotic writes:
"By the end of this project, you will be able to control your lights from a website and also an Amazon Echo Dot."

    Build a remote file uploader

    Elliot Mackenzie · 24 days ago

    Instructables user Richard Stanley (audstanley) has posted a tutorial to build a remote file uploader on!

    Richard Stanley writes:
    "This is a simple way to upload files onto your raspberry pi through a browser. "

      Mencionado en neoteo

      Elliot Mackenzie · 25 days ago

      Lisardo Pardo escribió lo siguiente:
      "Vamos a suponer que deseas acceder de forma remota a tu Raspberry Pi durante el fin de semana. El lugar al que te diriges posee una buena conexión a Internet, y tu portátil debería ser más que suficiente para ingresar al mini ordenador, pero lo cierto es que ti...

        Dataplicity featured at Techcrunch

        Radoslaw Kieltyka · about a month ago

        John Biggs at Techcrunch writes:

          Dataplicity for iOS!

          Elliot Mackenzie · 2 months ago

          Last month we launched Dataplicity for Android. Today, we are announcing Dataplicity for iOS!

          With Dataplicity for iOS:

          • Get a remote shell for your Raspberry Pi terminal right from your mobile device
          • Scan your local network for new Raspberry Pi devices and make them available via Dataplicity

            API Released!

            Elliot Mackenzie · 3 months ago

            Today we're announcing our new API for managing devices and account details!

            Things you can do with this API:

            • Programmatically query or update information about devices, including their description
            • Query device status
            • Trigger a device reboot
            • Manage your account details including password re...

              Terminal copy/paste

              Elliot Mackenzie · 3 months ago

              Historically web browsers were intercepting any text pasted into the terminal. This was pretty annoying.

              So.... good news! You can now copy and paste to/from the web terminal. :-)

              Browser limitations mean we had to use a slightly different key combination than the native OS key combination for "...

                Dataplicity for Android

                Elliot Mackenzie · 3 months ago

                At long last Dataplicity for Android is here!

                With Dataplicity for Android:

                • Get a remote shell for your Raspberry Pi terminal right from your mobile device
                • Scan your local network for new Raspberry Pi devices and make them available via Dataplicity
                • Remotely repair, diagnose and reboot your Pi...

                  Dataplicity Agent 0.4.0

                  Elliot Mackenzie · 3 months ago

                  We've released a new Dataplicity Agent!

                  This is a major refresh with the following changes:

                  1. Installer is switched from Shell to Python, resulting in a more robust installation process.
                  2. Logging is vastly improved. Log files in /var/log/dpinstall.log and /var/log/dataplicity.log are now much m...

                    Full screen terminal view

                    Elliot Mackenzie · 4 months ago

                    By popular request, we've added terminal resizing so you can see your terminal at the full resolution of your browser!

                      Stream video from your Raspberry Pi

                      Elliot Mackenzie · 5 months ago

                      You can now stream your Raspberry Pi camera live using Dataplicity! Here's how:

                        Mass produce Pi with Dataplicity

                        Elliot Mackenzie · 5 months ago

                        Our support team is frequently asked how to bake Dataplicity into an installation image suitable for mass production.

                        Here's how:

                          WebDAV now works with Wormhole!

                          Elliot Mackenzie · 5 months ago

                          You can now share files on your Pi using WebDAV and Dataplicity Wormhole!

                          Here's the tutorial


                            New Status Site!

                            Elliot Mackenzie · 10 months ago

                            Our status page is now up and running!

                            Should you encounter any problems with Dataplicity, you can now check our system status here:

                            If someone here drops a spanner in the engine we'll post all you need to know right on that page.

                              Welcome to dataplicity

                              Elliot Mackenzie · 11 months ago

                              Hi there!
                              We're happy you are here :-)

                              This site is where we'll be publishing all of our tutorials and guides, product developments and new features.

                              Happy Pi,
                              The Dataplicity Team