Activate / Deactivate

I that tutorial you'll find a way to deactivate dataplicity and activate it back when needed.

There are situations in which you may use Dataplicity to debug a device that you've sent to a client. However, if your client is particularly concerned about privacy, they may not want you to have continuous access to their device, but rather only grant access when they permit it.

Therefore, to deactivate Dataplicity, your client can execute next command in their local terminal:

sudo mv /etc/supervisor/conf.d/tuxtunnel.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/tuxtunnel.conf.bak

then reboot the device.

To activate Dataplicity back, ask client to execute:

sudo mv /etc/supervisor/conf.d/tuxtunnel.conf.bak /etc/supervisor/conf.d/tuxtunnel.conf

and next to reboot device.