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Copy/paste in Remote Shell

Copying terminal content into clipboard

Copying content from the terminal is as simple as highlighting the text you want to copy. Once highlighted, you will see an icon of a pair of scissors indicating that the highlighted text is now available in clipboard.

Copying from the Terminal

Pasting clipboard content into the Dataplicity terminal

To paste something into the terminal you will need to use one of the key combinations below. Below are the key combinations for Windows, Linux and MAC users.

Operating System native methods to paste content are often intercepted by the web browser and don't work.

Paste content into Dataplicity terminal from Windows or Linux:

Pasting to Terminal for Windows & Linux users

Paste content into Dataplicity terminal from MAC:

Pasting to Terminal for MAC users


In some cases we've noted that browser extensions and in particular Adblock can intercept these key combinations. We don't run advertising at Dataplicity and we never will, so disabling Adblock on our site won't give you a headache.

As a last resort, you could try a different web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and ... take a deep breath ... even Internet Explorer/Edge are known to work.

If you are still having problems, let us know and we'll provide further assistance. :)

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Copy/paste in Remote Shell

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