Upgrade / Uninstall


To gain access to the latest features and bug fixes you will need to upgrade the Dataplicity client software running on your Pi. We recommend to do this regularly.

How to do it:

  1. Get the install command you used when you first added your Pi. You can get this by hitting the Add a device button on your dashboard.
  2. Run the command locally (not remotely) on your Pi, as if you were doing a fresh installation. Dataplicity will be automatically detected on the system by the installer and will run in upgrade mode.




Before proceeding with the steps below make sure that you're not using the Supervisor application to manage other programs than just Dataplicity.

Please run the following commands locally (not remotely) on your Pi:

sudo rm -rf /opt/dataplicity
sudo apt purge -y supervisor
sudo rm -rf /etc/supervisor