Firewall requirements

Dataplicity Agent requires only device-originated HTTPS connections. In most cases, this means if your Dataplicity-enabled device has unrestricted secure web access, then Dataplicity will work.

Required HTTPS URLs

In some highly restricted networks, even outbound HTTPS is restricted. In such cases, you will need to specifically allow the following web URLs through the firewall:

The above is sufficient for the runtime operation of Dataplicity Agent, however there are some edge cases (such as when you are reinstalling the Agent), where the following two URLs are also required:

Use NTP for devices without a real-time clock

The Dataplicity Agent requires HTTPS certificates which will fail if the system clock is out of range.

While HTTPS certificates require only a moderately accurate system clock, many embedded devices do not have an onboard RTC at all. After booting such devices the system clock can be wildly inaccurate. A clock that is wildly out of sync will cause Dataplicity Agent connections to fail.


The Raspberry Pi does not have an onboard RTC

If you do not have an alternatively method to maintain the accuracy of the Raspberry Pi system clock, then NTP is highly recommended.

NTP requires UDP port 123. Careful, that's UDP not TCP.