Home automation

Home Assistant remote control

Home Assistant is a popular platform for home automation. Here you can find guide how to get remote access to your Home Assistant with Dataplicity:

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All About Circuits

The team at All About Circuits have used Dataplicity for a simple weekend project where they measured temperature and detected motion at home. In this project they relied on the Dataplicity Remote Shell to provide remote terminal access and Wormhole to provide web access to their telemetry, without resorting to static IPs or portforwarding

“[Dataplicity] removes many of the obstacles that may otherwise prevent you from doing some really cool stuff and helps you take advantage of many of the Pi’s capabilities.”

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Open Energy Monitoring

The Open Energy Monitoring community have made a fantastic package of hardware and software to monitor the energy consumption at home. However, as they say:

"Sometimes for convenience or troubleshooting it’s useful to be able to access the emonPi / emonBase remotely e.g from outside the local network."

Dataplicity turns out to be the most suitable solution.

“This is the easiest and most secure method of obtaining remote access to the emonPi” - Glyn Hudson, Founder, OpenEnergyMonitor

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On Medium #1

Madhan Sundaram has used multiple technologies to create a voice controlled light at home. In the article he published on Medium Madhan says:

"Dataplicity simplified the part I dreaded the most. SSL certificates and placing my RPi securely on the internet."

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On Medium #2

The team at ki-labs.com used dataplicity to control the door at the office. Their system, cleverly named "Hodor" after the famous Game of Thrones character, can open the door from slack.

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On Hackster

Frank Burke-Olson created a remotely controlled doorbell. Using Dataplicity Custom Actions his invention can take pictures of visitors and buzz people in.

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PCdemano (in Spanish)

One of our Spanish users have recently started investigating the inclusion of Dataplicity to his Home Assistant project. He was able to successfully set it up and wrote all about it on his page.

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