Installation videos

Here is a collection of getting started videos posted by members of our community. Thanks so much to the authors!

First one we have is from a user "Virus HQ". He's using Dataplicity web terminal to run python script that prints messages to an LCD. The script not only prints messages to the display but also to the web terminal so we can see what's going on at both ends. In the video he walks us from the beginning where he installs Dataplicity all the way to showing us the python script communicating with the LCD.

"IT Samurai Teacher" made a funky video about Dataplicity installation process, explaining all details.

In the video below user "TRUToficial" walks us through the installation and general overview of Dataplicity. This one is in Spanish.

"theGimmickBox" in the video below shows us how Dataplicity Wormhole can be set up.

"Karl Comboy" made a video showing how he uses Dataplicity to control his Raspberry Pi from anywhere. This video is for the speakers of Tagalog ( the language of Philippines ).

"Jarbas Borges J.B." a Portugese speaking user in the video below walks us through how to remotely access Pi-Star dashboard with Dataplicity.

"Knowledge Shelf" channel on Youtube demonstrates how to set up Dataplicity on a Raspberry Pi. This one is in Hindi ( the language of India ).