Remote desktop access

To access a desktop on your Raspberry Pi we will be using Dataplicity Porthole as well as the Real VNC viewer for windows.

Raspberry Pi - Set up VNC access


Please ensure the following before proceeding:

  • Pi has a Desktop version of Raspberry Pi OS from 2021 or newer.
  • Pi is connected to the internet.
  • Dataplicity is installed.

We'll need to enable VNC access on Raspberry Pi and change its default port to 5091. To do it, we need to open the vnc conviguration file:

sudo nano /etc/vnc/config.d/vncserver-x11

In that empty file let's add following line:


Save file and restart you Raspberry. Default VNC port should be changed!

Porthole - Redirect remote VNC port

When you launch Porthole you will see a list of forwarded devices. We currently haven't added anything, so the list is empty. To add a new device click on Add new button in the centre or at the top menu. In the next window you will see three steps:

  1. Assign local port - the port on your PC that you will access to see the data from your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Select device to be forwarded - choose the Raspberry Pi that you want to connect to from your PC.
  3. Add remote port - choose the port of your Raspberry Pi that your PC will access.

When all the steps have been completed click on Assign. Your list of forwarded devices will then be updated.

Connect from Windows

Firstly, please download and install Real VNC viewer for windows, this is how we'll view the remote desktop of our Raspberry Pi. In the connection bar please enter localhost:8888 and press enter to connect.


You will then be asked to enter username and password for the device you're connecting to. For Raspberry Pi it's:
Username: pi / Password: raspberry
Unless you've made prior changes. Click 'OK' and you will be connected to your Pi Desktop.


-- Dataplicity Team πŸ€—