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Play a Star Wars movie

If you're a Star Wars addict, or if you've seen it only once, or even if you're wondering what all the fuss is, you'll love this animation recreating Star Wars IV (the original movie).

Switch to a sudo-able user

First make sure you're running as a sudo-able user (e.g. "pi") by typing "su pi" along with your pi account password ("raspberry" if you haven't changed it). See Superuser for more information.

Install Telnet

For this example, you'll need a telnet client installed on your Pi.

To install one, type:

sudo apt-get install telnet

Run the movie

At the prompt, type:


When you hit Enter you'll get an improbably long movie experience. It's a little light on hi-tech special effects, but that's really the point.

Play a Star Wars movie