Data consumption

We estimated the amount of data consumed by Dataplicity in idle state by means of a comparative test with a Raspberry Pi in default configuration with and without the Dataplicity Agent installed.

Network traffic for both terminal and wormhole is application-driven and occurs only when in use. If you are streaming video over wormhole most of the data consumed relates to your video stream, not to baseline Dataplicity Agent traffic, so our test here covers the 'idle' state only.

Test conditions

  • Tested on 2017-07-28.
  • 2x Raspberry Pi 3.
  • 2017-07-05 Raspbian Jessie Lite image. Default image, nothing has been added/removed or changed after installing this image.
  • Internet connection via Ethernet.
  • Dataplicity web page (device list and terminals) not in use.
  • Wormhole not in use.

Test procedure

  1. Two SD cards flashed with Raspbian Jessie Lite image.
  2. One was booted and dataplicity agent was installed.
  3. Both Pis switched OFF and then simultaneously ON.
  4. Both Pis left alone for 1 hour.
  5. After 1 hour, RX & TX data was collected using sudo ifconfig command from the ethernet interface.


Pi Ethernet RxPi Ethernet Tx
Raspbian only243 KiB/hr58 KiB/hr
Raspbian + Dataplicity330 KiB/hr119 KiB/hr
Dataplicity data only87 KiB/hr 61KiB/hr