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Introduction to Teams

Share devices with your team by creating a Dataplicity Team. No more sharing passwords!


This is a premium feature

Teams is available on any of our paid plans.

Use cases


In recent years schools have emphasised STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and Raspberry Pi has come to dominate the teaching of computing in those courses. For teachers who already use Dataplicity in schools and universities, you can now create a team and invite your students to share devices. When a student gets stuck on something the teacher can easily provide direct assistance, remotely accessing the student's device(s).


If you are working on a joint project with a friend, remotely accessing each other's devices has never been easier. Just create a team and pool your devices :) Win!

Business users & developers

Keep track of all your development and production devices in one place. When something goes bust in the field, one of your support people can investigate, and if necessary refer the issue directly to engineering who can fix it. Save money by pooling your resources and time by being able to fix many issues while the device remains in the field!


Updated about a year ago

What's Next

Learn how to create and manage your Dataplicity Team!

Managing your Team

Introduction to Teams

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