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HTOP - what's running on your Pi?

Easy fun stuff to do with a terminal on Dataplicity

HTOP is like Task Manager in MS Windows. It shows how the CPU and memory are being used by various tasks.

This can be useful if your Pi is somewhere remote and you want to check on its performance.

The demand on CPU and memory will look like this

The demand on CPU and memory will look like this

Install and run HTOP

To begin a project, first change the user.

The Dataplicity terminal logs you in as a Dataplicity user, which does not have sudo access.

Type su pi to switch to the 'pi' user and then the password. By default this is raspberry, unless you've changed it.

To install the HTOP package, type:

sudo apt-get install htop

To run it, type:

sudo htop

Getting out of HTOP

To quit HTOP, type CTRL+C