Make your Pi speak

Easy fun stuff to do with a terminal on Dataplicity

You can connect a Raspberry Pi to power and Wi-Fi and put it anywhere. Add some speakers and you can make it talk too.

Preparing an audio output

Connect an HDMI cable between your Pi and a monitor and the audio will be reproduced on your monitor's speakers. Alternatively plug some speakers into your Pi's audio jack socket. If you're just testing you can use headphones.

Set the output configuration in raspi-config utility:

sudo raspi-config

In the raspi-config panel, choose:

  1. System Options
  2. Audio
  3. Headphones or HDMI
  4. Finish

Pi speaking

The basic program is quite simple. Type:

sudo apt install -y espeak

eSpeak will download and install onto your Pi. Next type:

sudo espeak "Hello"

Your Pi should say "Hello" to your audio output.

If 'Hello' is a bit dull, try:

sudo espeak "Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you."